If you are looking for divine inspiration then take a couple of minutes to read one of our clients inspiring true stories. 


“Growing up I was a normal healthy fairly active child, even into my late teens I never watched what I ate nor did I ever struggle with my weight.

At 19 I feel pregnant with my first child, like all expecting mothers I put on a few extra kilos but I just shrugged it off as baby weight, 3 years later I fell pregnant with my second child and as to be expected I once again put on a few extra kilos.

As the months went by I became more and more unhappy with the way I looked, so at 85kgs I decided it was time to make a change. I joined the local gym and started a 12 week challenge which I enjoyed and benefited from but as my post natal depression worsened I gave up. By this time I had pretty much accepted the fact that this was the way I was going to be and started to believe that after kids your body changes and you never return to your pre baby body. I stopped worrying about what I ate or drank and even stopped caring. I remember feeling confused and sad when I would look in the mirror simply because the reflection was not the person I felt I was. In my head and in my heart I still thought I was that healthy teenager that never had to worry about weight but the mirror didn’t lie, that person was gone.

Years went by and the kilos piled on I reached 103kg, I was so embarrassed at what I became and wondered how I ever let myself get to this. I knew it was time for a major lifestyle change, and so thats what I did. Over the next year or so I changed what I ate some days and walked a bit on other days. I managed to get down to 86kgs but I knew this wasn’t enough. I was so sick of myself, feeling down and disappointed everyday was an ongoing battle for not only myself but for everyone I cared about around me. It was right around this point that my husband had noticed my desperation and spoke to one of his friends about my situation. Later that night they both came over to speak to me about whether I was serious about changing my life. This was the confrontation I needed, I teared up and accepted the help I had been offered. 

I started my very first day with HQ Fitness. That following Monday I did my first training session up tomaree mountain. That was a huge wake up call for me, something I had done easily so many times when I was younger, was now such a struggle it killed me inside to see how truly unfit I was. This was the start of a new life for me. And I knew I was never turning back.

With daily training sessions and a healthier diet I got fitter and the weight started to come off. Finally after a lot of hard work and support from some truly amazing and inspirational people I got back to my goal weight of 60kgs. I have gained a few kilos here and there but I now have the strength and willpower to get straight back on track. 

I get such a beautiful feeling every time I work out with HQ fitness, and it is that feeling and passion that keeps me going!” 

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